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2024 38th Antique Car Run 

New London to New Brighton

Saturday, August 10th  • 120+ miles  • Rain or Shine

Finish Line Arrival: Approximately 3:00pm - 6:30pm

Long Lake Regional Park

Antique Car Run Logo_edited.jpg

America's Largest Assembly of Operating Antique Cars! 


All vehicles are from 1915 or earlier, including 1 or 2 cylinder vehicles.

Bikes, motorcycles, steam and electric cars are also featured.

The Run began in 1987 during New Brighton’s Centennial Celebration to reinforce the City’s namesake ties to Brighton, England. It is patterned after the prestigious London to Brighton Veteran Car Run held annually in England.

The English Run celebrates the repeal of the “Red Flag” law in 1896. The law banned the first motorized vehicles from using the road unless a man carrying a red flag walked in front of the car. Over the years the 57 mile English Run has become the world’s largest spectator event, where 2 million people gather to watch the ancient autos travel the crowded city streets celebrating motoring freedom.

The Minnesota Run is a 120+ mile American version designed to showcase the beauty and endurance of very early automobiles. It travels from small rural New London, a beautiful city on a lake, through rolling Minnesota countryside to make its way to New Brighton, a suburban community north of Minneapolis/St.Paul. Volunteers plan activities for drivers, passengers and spectators as they pass through their communities. Everyone is treated to a smorgasbord of Minnesota hospitality second to none. With the costumed drivers and gleaming vintage cars, this unique event promises “turn of the century” charm for at least one day.

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