2021 Festival Volunteers Needed


We are currently looking to grow our team of volunteers and board members for the New Brighton Stockyard Days festival! Volunteering at Stockyard Days is more than just helping run an event for a few hours during the summer; it’s a way to greatly improve the community and serve all New Brighton residents and visitors by helping put on a fun, inclusive festival that showcases all that New Brighton has to offer and drives revenue into the city all year round.


Stockyard Days 2020


The Stockyard Days Board of Directors made the decision to postpone our 2020 festival until August of 2021.


While we are saddened by this, we believe that ensuring the safety and wellness of our amazing community, volunteers, and festival guests is the most important thing to do right now. We hope that we can use this opportunity to produce an even stronger, more diverse, and exciting event for New Brighton in 2021.


We will continue to update you on our plans for Stockyard Days in the coming months.


We thank you all for your continued support. Stay healthy and safe!

Stockyard Days is an annual multi-day festival celebrating the spirited history of New Brighton, Minnesota, with a parade, live music, prizes, car shows, food, local business and artisan booths, the Antique Car Run, and more.

The City of New Brighton is over a century old, but incredibly young at heart. Stockyard Days began in 1981 as a way to recall the early days of the city as a center for the cattle industry including the stockyards, railroads, fashionable hotels and meatpacking plants.

As Stockyard Days celebrates nearly 40 years, the community continues to remain lively and involved in its festivities. Local merchants, businesses, artists, and hundreds of volunteers participate in concerts, tournaments, a parade, street dances, a carnival, live entertainment, food sampling, fireworks, the finish line of the Antique Car Run, a car show, and the New Brighton & Junior Ambassador coronation. New ideas for activities and entertainment are welcomed each year.

Enjoy the fun, and make exciting memories that you can build on every year. Get roped into Stockyard Days!