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Stockyard Days Vendor, Food Truck  & Food Application

Stockyard Days Vendor Application

Event Dates: Friday August 9 - Sunday August 11, 2024
Event Address: Long Lake Regional Park - 1500 Old Hwy 8 New Brighton, MN 55112
Vendor Contact: Vendor Manager Angela Fredrickson at or 612-227-4993


New Brighton Stockyard Days, presented by the New Brighton Lions, is a family-oriented community festival that provides a fun, safe, entertaining, and celebratory event for the citizens of New Brighton and the surrounding area. Approximately 3,500 people attend the festival throughout the weekend. A big draw for our guests is the variety of unique local vendors featuring foods, art, and crafts. We invite you to participate in our New Brighton Stockyard Days event!



Friday August 9th: 4pm-11pm

Saturday August 10th: 11am-11pm

Sunday August 11th: 11am-4pm


Friday August 9th: 4pm-8:30pm

Saturday August 10th: 11am-8:30pm

Sunday August 11th: 11am-4pm

Art/Craft/Food/Beverage products must be original, handmade.

Commercial retail products must be unique and conducive to a festival environment.

Political candidates and parties are invited to display their campaign materials, but distribution of any collateral is limited to the booth area and cannot be handed out throughout the festival venue or parking lots.

Vendors will only be allowed to sell product(s) listed on their application and that are approved by Stockyard Days management. Stockyard Days reserves the right to work with each vendor to limit the sale of duplicate items across multiple vendors.

Stockyard Days provides each vendor with an 11’ x 11’ or a double 22’ x 11’ space on grass. Vendors must provide all items necessary for selling their products.

Food trucks or on-site consumable food vendors must provide the dimensions of their truck/trailer/tent on the application.

A minimum of 40-pound tent weights are required on all 4 poles of your tent. No dog ties or ground screws can be used.

Vendors must be present during their selling hours. Vendors may not tear down or leave
early or they will not be allowed to return.

Electricity is NOT available onsite for nonfood/craft vendors. Electricity is available for food trucks/food vendors and is limited to a designated space within the event area. Cords must be provided by the vendor.

Refunds will not be granted. Booths are nontransferable.

This event is outdoors rain or shine.

Vendors must keep the immediate area around their booth and food truck tidy and clean. Your booth display and signage must be tastefully done and confined to your booth during the event.

Security is provided during the entire weekend by the New Brighton Department of Public Safety. However, Stockyard Days assumes no responsibility for any theft or damage that may occur at any time.

Vendors will receive one free parking pass to park in a designated free vendor parking lot. One additional free parking pass will be issued per day per vendor for parking in the general parking lot. Any additional cars arriving at the park for staffing needs will be
charged $5 to park in the general parking lots. Note that free bus rides to the park are available from various businesses throughout New Brighton.

Any trailers that are brought on site by vendors must be parked in a designated trailer location otherwise you will risk having doors blocked by parked cars if your trailer is
parked in general parking.

Only one parking pass will be issued to each food truck vendor for parking behind your food truck.

Vendors assume all responsibility for collecting and submitting tax from customers.

Food/Beverage vendors are required to obey all state statutes, county regulations, and city ordinances regarding licenses, health and safety codes, vehicle requirements and fair-trade practices.

Food/Beverage vendors must meet all Ramsey County Health Department requirements by providing a Ramsey County Food License or a MN Dept of Agriculture License as required by the Health Department rules.

Food/beverage vendors located on grass who are providing samples or serving food/beverages in a tent must use plywood or similar flooring on the ground covering the entirety of their tent floor space.

Food vendors serving food must have an appropriate size and class fire extinguisher in their area. Food vendors must meet state and local Fire Codes. There will be a Fire Department onsite inspection prior to opening the event on Friday.

*If you are not familiar with Ramsey County Health Regulations, please contact Ramsey County Department of Public Health at 651-266-1199 for more information. The Health Department does an inspection of all food vendors prior to the start of the event.

Vendor and food truck set up time is Friday August 9th, 11am-4pm.

Vendors are allowed to park along the curb nearest the vendor area or in the closest parking lot to unload their vehicles and then immediately move their car to the vendor parking area to make way for other vendors.

Vendors may pull up to the curb in the parking lot nearest the vendor area on Saturday and Sunday mornings before 10:30am to restock products but then must immediately repark their vehicle in the vendor parking area.

Complete the application and submit it online with everything on the checklist.

All applying vendors MUST include a photo of their booth/set up and 3-5 product images with their application or emailed separately to Angela Fredrickson at Please label email as "product images". These photos will also be used for social media advertising.

Expect an email regarding your event acceptance from Stockyard Days within 30 days after your complete application is received.

Applications must include all of the following (if applicable) to be considered a vendor for Stockyard Days. 

Mail necessary items to:

New Brighton Lions Club/Stockyard Days

Attn: Vendor Manager Angela Fredrickson 

PO Box 120798

New Brighton, MN 55112

  • Completed Application

  • Full Vendor Payment-Check/Money Order/Venmo. Make payments to New Brighton Lions-Stockyard Days including your Business Name on your payment method. Venmo @ (coming next week-please wait to pay if using Venmo)

  • Completed MN ST-19 form

  • Booth shot and 3-5 product images emailed to Angela at

  • Copy of Ramsey County Food License /MN Dept of Agriculture License (Food & Beverage Vendors Only)

  • Copy of Food Trucks: Certificate of Insurance naming New Brighton Stockyard Days as an additional Insured



Long Lake Regional Park will be filled with vendors selling a plethora of food, handmade crafts, and more. Stay tuned for updates on confirmed vendors as the festival gets closer!

Potential Vendors

The New Brighton Stockyard Days, Inc. Volunteer Committee would like to invite you to next year’s 43rd Anniversary Celebration of the New Brighton Stockyard Days. The 2024 New Brighton Stockyard Days Festival is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 9, 10,0 11at Long Lake Regional Park, 1500 Old Hwy 8, New Brighton, MN


New Brighton Stockyard Days, Inc. is a family-oriented, community festival.  We reserve the right to select and/or limit vendors and monitor and/or prohibit items and activities that we deem inappropriate.

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