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We are currently looking to grow our team of volunteers and board members for the New Brighton Stockyard Days festival! We are searching for an energetic and organized VP of Entertainment for New Brighton Stockyard Days to manage and coordinate booking of a variety of entertainers, vendors, and more. The VP of Entertainment will also be expected to recruit volunteer assistance for entertainment-related matters and the festival. The New Brighton Stockyard Days Committee oversees the organization, promotion, and fundraising of New Brighton’s annual festival. This is a volunteer position which will be supported by other board members, the publicity team, and any future recruited entertainment volunteers. This position is particularly vital to the success of the festival and while prior experience with managing entertainment is not required, it is highly suggested. A list and details regarding past entertainers and events will be provided to the VP of Entertainment, but new ideas and leads for entertainment are encouraged to help appeal to all residents and demographics in New Brighton.



Prior experience in managing and booking a wide variety of entertainers, including musicians. Familiarity with a variety of entertainment venues and booking processes in the local Twin Cities area. Familiarity with the New Brighton community to ensure diverse appeal across demographics. Strong organization skills in order to manage timing of stage use between entertainers, the Ambassador Program, Antique Car Run, fireworks, and more throughout the festival. Experience with registration and coordination of vendors, especially food, artists, crafts, and business booths. Experience managing an entertainment budget in order to negotiate with entertainers and vendors, and coordinate spending for the festival. Willingness to brainstorm new ideas with current volunteers and board members, with a focus on striving to be more involved in New Brighton community life--both virtual and in-person--all year long to help foster greater success as a festival. A personal desire to help New Brighton Stockyard Days be a consistent, inclusive presence in the community. 



SECTION 16.   DUTIES--VICE PRESIDENT, ENTERTAINMENT. The Entertainment Vice President shall be responsible for preparing a schedule of events and entertainment that will attract the public to the festival. In addition, the Entertainment Vice President shall prepare for approval and administer an entertainment budget. 


SECTION 24.  ADDITIONAL DUTIES.   All officers will be responsible for the overall duties defined for their positions as well as the recruitment and coordination of their own volunteers.  Any officer of the Corporation, in addition to the powers conferred upon him/her by these Bylaws, will have additional powers and perform such additional duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.


If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more, please fill out our contact form HERE.

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