Duties - Representative of an Organization

The Organizational Representative shall be responsible for attending monthly meetings and bringing festival related issues to his/her organization’s membership. In addition, he/she also is responsible for recruiting volunteers from their organization as needed for the festival.

Additional Duties

All officers will be responsible for the overall duties defined for their positions as well as the recruitment and coordination of their own volunteers. Any officer of the Corporation, in addition to the powers conferred upon him/her by these Bylaws, will have additional powers and perform such additional duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Current Representatives

Eagles Airie Rep - Becky Korsunsky

Eagles Aux Rep - Nancy Wadsworth

NB Lions Rep - Brian Vickery

NB Historical Society Rep - Peg Joyce

NB Sportsmans Rep - Nancy Wadsworth

Legends Rescue Rep - Vickie Van Dale

City of New Brighton Rep - Devin Massopust