Medallion Hunt

Medallion Hunt Clues-rules.png

FOUR medallions will be hidden

  • 3 small medallions - PRIZE: $50/each

  • 1 large medallion - PRIZEE: $400

All medallions will be hidden within the Long Lake Regional Park. Boundaries are from Lion’s Park on the east to Long Lake Beach and Long Lake Pavilion on the west.

Medallions will not be in the water/Long Lake

Medallions will be placed no higher than 6 feet high

Clues with be pictures will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @NBSYDOfficial

General clues to be posted once per week up until the festival 

Detailed clues begin the week of Stockyard Days, August 8th - August 14th. 

Two clues per day 8/8 - 8/12.

One clue per day 8/13 and 8/14.

If you find a medallion, post your find on social media and tag @NBSYDOfficial.

Then email with your contact information
and a picture of the medallion you found.

Prize money will not be handed out during festival.

Stockyard Days will set up a time with you to present medallion for inspection. Prize money will be given in form of check.