SYD Committee

The New Brighton Stockyard Days Festival committee is seeking creative individuals to join our Board of Directors in a variety of positions including board officers and chair persons. Candidates will plan, organize and manage every facet of the festival from beginning to end.  We are looking for individuals who possess organizational skills and a desire to have fun. These are volunteer positions and candidates must be 21 years of age and be able to attend monthly meetings.


    The President will be the chief executive officer of the Corporation.  It will be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and to have general supervision of the affairs of the Corporation.  He/she will execute on behalf of the Corporation all contracts, deeds, conveyances, and other instruments in writing that may be required or authorized by the Board of Directors for the proper and necessary transaction of the business of the Corporation.

Vice President: 

   The Executive Vice President is to perform all acts or responsibilities of the President in the absence or disability of the President and to perform such other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President or the Board.  In the absence of the President, the execution by the Executive Vice President on behalf of the Corporation of any instrument will have the same force and effect as if it were executed on behalf of the Corporation by the President.  Further, upon the expiration of the President=s one year term in office, or earlier in the event of resignation or termination by the President, the Executive Vice President shall automatically assume the title and responsibility of the office of President for the remaining term (in the event of resignation or termination) or for one year until a new successor is elected, as the case may be.


    The Secretary will be responsible for keeping the corporate minutes and records.  He/she will give or cause to be given all notices of meetings of the Board of Directors and all other notices required by law or these Bylaws.  The Secretary will be the custodian of all books, correspondence, and papers relating to the business of the Corporation, except those of the Treasurer.  The Secretary shall present at each meeting of the Board of Directors a full report of the transactions and affairs of the Corporation of the preceding meeting and will also prepare and present to the Board such other reports as it may desire and request at such time or times as it may designate.  The Board of Directors at its discretion may elect an assistant Secretary, not necessarily a member of the Board of Directors, who will perform the duties and assume the responsibilities of the Secretary as above set forth under the general direction of the Secretary or the President.


VP – Operations:

           The Operations Vice President shall be responsible for the planning and preparing of the site for the festival.  He/she shall recruit the necessary volunteers for parking, shuttling, clean up and complete operation of the site.  The VP of Operations will work closely with the City of New Brighton, Ramsey County Park & Recreation, Public Safety, Public Works, local civic organizations and outside vendors.  Additionally, the VP shall prepare for approval and administer an operations budget.

VP – Social Media/Website:

  This VP will be responsible for maintaining the festival website, using a Wix Website Editor, and a Facebook page.  

VP – Fundraising:

   The Fundraising Vice President shall be responsible for the request for funds from the local organizations, businesses and individuals within the community to support the annual festival.  In addition, the Fundraising Vice President shall receive funds, thank donors and publicize their donations.

Event Chair  Positions:

Karaoke Contest:

Kiddie Parade:

Softball Tournaments:

Food & Craft Vendors: