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Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank sponsorships available for $1 per minute (minimum 30 minutes)! Dunk your boss, public official, bartender, waiter, teacher, coach, clergy, neighbor, etc. at New Brighton Stockyard Days, Long Lake Park August 13th & 14th!

Dunk Tank Sign Up

Sponsor's donation will be applied towards another dunkee's tank time if person you sponsored fails to appear.

Below are the rules that must be followed during the operation of the dunk tank. Please familiarize participants with these rules:


1. The water level in the tank will be kept at least 6 inches from the top.


2. Dunkees (participants who will be getting into the tank) must be 18 years or older, at least five (5) feet tall, and able to swim. If under 18 years of age, dunkees must have approval from a parent or guardian.


3. All sharp objects on the participant, such as glasses, jewelry, and watches, should be removed prior to getting into the tank


4. Observers and participants should keep food and drinks away from the dunk tank.


5. Only one person is allowed on the seat or in the tank at one time.


6. The dunkee may never stand on the seat.


7. The dunkee should be sitting up straight, with hands on lap or knees.


8. Observers or participants are not allowed to hold onto the bars or put themselves or any object through the bars.


9. Only the operator or event organizer is permitted behind the tank or target area.


10. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs are permitted in the tank.


11. Only participants under 250 pounds or the manufacturer’s maximum weight limit are permitted in the tank.


12. Participants with physical or mental impairments will not be permitted in the tank.


13. Participants with chronic knee or other joint conditions; previous back or neck injuries; respiratory conditions; heart or circulatory conditions; and those who are pregnant are not allowed in the dunk tank.


14. Only balls provided by the dunk tank manufacturer are to be used.


15. When unattended by an adult, the dunk tank must be drained completely.


16. The ride must not be operated during inclement weather, which includes rain, lightning, wind exceeding 15 miles per hour, hail, or temperatures below 40 degrees.

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