Terms of Office 

for Directors and Officers

The terms of the Officers shall commence at the time of election at the January annual meeting or when elected if no person is selected to fill a position by the nominating committee at the January meeting. The terms of the Directors shall commence at their election at the January meeting or when appointed. All positions are subject to majority approval of the elected Directors and shall continue for 12 months through the fiscal year or until their successors have been elected or appointed as provided by these Bylaws. Directors and Officers shall not be bound by term limits. Attendance at Board Meetings is required. Any Officer or Director with more than 3 unexcused absences in a row will be asked to resign.

Meeting Schedule

An annual meeting of the Board of Directors will be held in January of each year. In addition, the Board of Directors will hold regular meetings at such times as necessary to perform its responsibilities each calendar year at a time and place as may be designated in the notice of the meeting.


Attendance at any regular called meeting can be by physically attending the meeting or by attending the meeting through other approved electronic means such as conference calls, video conferencing and/or other To Be Determined and approved electronic means.

No Compensation

No compensation will be paid to any member of the Board of Directors for
services as a member of the Board. By resolution of the Board, reasonable expenses may be allowed. Reimbursement for approved expenses is allowed when original receipts are presented to the Treasurer.