SYD Board of Directors


The New Brighton Stockyard Days, Inc. shall encourage the participation of all New Brighton citizens, Fraternal or Civic Organizations, Charitable Non Profit corporations as well as  New Brighton business organizations in an annual community celebration.  The celebration shall project a sense of pride in the historical development and current quality of life in New Brighton. 



The purpose of the New Brighton Stockyard Days, Inc. shall be achieved by applying the following objectives to development of celebration events:


  1. Foster a sense of historical identity of New Brighton as a city with roots separate from Minneapolis or St. Paul.

  2. Develop a spirit of community by encouraging individuals, businesses, and organizations to all work together towards a common goal.

  3.  Provide an opportunity for family fun through unique entertainment and other activities.

  4. Promote the New Brighton area by drawing the attention of the Twin Cities metropolitan and surrounding area to the quality of life in New Brighton and the uniqueness of New Brighton



Participation in this Corporation shall be open to all individual persons, civic organizations, corporations, proprietorships, associations, and partnerships interested in the promotion of the purpose and objective of this Corporation and who subscribes to the terms and the conditions set forth by these Bylaws. 



Anyone who subscribes to the terms and conditions set forth by these bylaws may attend meetings of the  Board of Directors for input and discussion, but will have no voting rights unless they are elected to the Board of Directors.